We are happy that you have decided to look into home education for your children. Please take the time to explore the site so that you can better understand what homeschooling has to offer for you and your family. 

Office Hours

Office hours are times are by appointment only. The school office is located at 3322 S. Memorial Pkwy. #626D, Huntsville, AL 35801.

High School Diploma Program

North Alabama Friends School has a diploma program for our high school students. Our goal is to provide a framework for our students to achieve the abilities and knowledge needed for their plans after graduation. As part of the diploma program, high school students are expected to submit several essays and a portfolio demonstrating their achievements each year. The papers and portfolio are presented to a review committee each May.


Our high school students have several options for designing their high school curriculum. They may take a traditional textbook approach or choose to do more independent studies. Our students are also able to enroll in dual enrollment courses in several colleges around the area. We offer the  PSAT each year and can administer AP tests when requested.

About NAFS

Homeschooling Since 1986

 North Alabama Friends School provides support and guidance for home schooling parents as well as a legal covering. The school offers curriculum advice from experienced teachers (counselors), field trips, activities for students, a library and other resources. A cumulative file is kept on each student, and standardized achievement tests are offered once a year for grades 2-10. 


Each family enrolled in NAFS is assigned a counselor. Counselors are willing and eager listeners who can offer the family new ideas or approaches, give suggestions when needed and encouragement. When you meet with your counselor, he/she will check your attendance records and your lesson plans or journal, as well as offering any other help you wish.


Dual enrollment and a high school diploma program are available for high school students.


Our student enrollment is between 60-80 students.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that a child's education and the direction of his mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical growth is properly the responsibility of his parents, and not the prerogative of the state; that the state's compelling interest is that children be educated, not that the method or location of instruction be narrowly defined; that home education is a highly effective methodology offering private tutoring, individualized curriculum, self- pacing, emphasis on cooperation rather than competition, enhancement of self-esteem and access to parental nurture and guidance; that home education permits social interaction with people of all ages throughout the community and eliminates excessive peer dependence; that home schooling strengthens the basic link of society--the family unit.  


Barbara Rice, Educational Director

(256) 337-8334

 3322 S. Memorial Pkwy #626D, Huntsville, AL 35801