History of NAFS

In the fall of 1986, three home schooling mothers felt the need to start a new church-sponsored school for families who did not fit the requirements of the existing umbrella church schools. They put together a proposal for the establishment of a school and took it to the Huntsville Area Friends Meeting. The response from the Quakers was positive and, after deliberation, a "minute" was written and accepted at a monthly meeting for business. This "minute" established a school committee to run the school and laid out guidelines for the structure of the school. Although North Alabama Friends School is no longer formally affiliated with the Quakers, we still respect the philosophy of our founders and encourage our families to learn a little about Quaker history and beliefs.


The Society of Friends, or Quakers, was started by George Fox in 17th century England at the time of the Cromwellian Revolution. The founding of Pennsylvania by William Penn brought Quakerism to America. George Fox's revelation led him to preach that all human beings had within themselves the capacity to know directly the will of God.


There are two types of Friends meetings: pastoral and non-pastoral. Huntsville Area Friends Meeting has no pastor. Worship services are unprogrammed and based on silence, allowing each individual to pursue the search for God's will in his or her own way. Business is conducted with the same sense of search. Instead of voting on issues, all strive to reach agreement before making a decision.


Friends have a long history of taking action on social issues. Pacifism, humanitarian relief in time of war, care of the mentally ill, prison reform, abolition of slavery, women's rights, and equality and justice for all minorities are or have been concerns of Friends.


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